WORX WG751 40V Review

Just in time for spring, Worx has released a 20″ cordless lawnmower for the homeowner on a budget. This eco-friendly electric mower runs off of two 5.0Ah 20V Max Power Share batteries, and with a 19″ cutting swath, this 40V mower can tackle medium-sized lawns up to 1/4 of an acre on a single charge.






This is the largest electric mower Worx has released, both in cutting deck size and power. This is good news for those folks who want to get their small to medium sized yards mowed in a hurry.  The higher voltage provides increased torque, while the larger cutting deck means that you’re not making as many passes to get the job done. It even comes with 10″ rear wheels for easier mobility and traction.

It features a two-step electric start. Simply holding down the start button while pulling up on the bale handle will get the mower fired up.

The Worx 40V Lawn Mower allows you to mulch, bag, or send your clippings out the side of the steel deck. And, because Worx has included a Nutricut multi-cut blade, clippings get chopped up super fine. This allows the nutrients in the clippings to absorb back into the lawn more easily as fertilizer.

It also features a deck height adjustment that ranges from 1-1/2″ to 4-1/4″. Foam-padded handles make the job a bit more comfortable, and when you’ve finished mowing, the handle can fold over for stand-up storage.

The Worx 40V Lawn Mower retails for $349, either through the Worx website or through Amazon.com. It comes kitted with two 5.0Ah Power Share batteries – which are compatible with other Worx lawn and garden tools – and a charger. It comes with a 3-year warranty as well.


The Worx 40V Lawn Mower looks like a pretty solid deal for homeowners who want to transition to an electric OPE platform without dropping the big bucks to do it. The runtime sounds pretty decent, and for folks who work with lawns smaller than a quarter acre, this mower will likely get the job done.

For the sake of comparison though, EGO and Ryobi both have comparable models that are priced at $399 and $379, respectively. They both come with 5-year warranties, and, in Ryobi’s case, have a self-propel feature. Worx has priced their model lower than both of these, but there could be some tradeoffs in quality, features, and warranty that you might want to consider. We won’t know for sure until we get our hands on all of them in our upcoming cordless lawn mower shootout.

As it stands though, at $349, the Worx kit presents a compelling option for people who want to get into the cordless game at a reasonable price.

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