Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Review


This lawn mower is a great purchase for anyone looking for a cordless electric lawn mower. We recommend the Greenworks 21 inch 80V mower based on features, build quality, and value! If you have a normal sized yard that can be mowed with a push mower, this is for you!

In the market, you will not find many mowers that can compete with this one, and for the price, we don’t think you can find better. The only complaint from reviews is the weight, but it does have wheels so you shouldn’t worry about the weight!



Lets Talk Features…. 

Smart Cut Technology

The smart cut technology  is incorporated to help the mower adjust power depending on the thickness and height of the grass to be cut. This feature is great because it extends the amount of time your mower can run if cutting light grass, and helps to ensure a quality cut on thicker grass.

The 3-in-1 Discharge

This lawn mower allows for three forms of grass discharge allows which is very flexible, choose what you prefer:

  1. Mulching
  2. Rear discharge to allow for collecting the grass in the rear bag (bag is included)
  3. Side discharge to throw the cut grass out to the side of the mower

Ball Bearing Wheels

What exactly are ball bearing wheels you may ask? You don’t know how helpful ball bearing wheels can be until you have mowed with other kinds of wheels. The wheels on this mower are fantastic and help make your yard-work 10 times easier.

21″ Steel Deck

The 21 inch deck allows for more grass to be cut on each pass, giving you a shorter mowing time. The steel construction gives much more durability to the mower, but does add a small amount of weight.

7 Position Cutting Heights

This is our favorite feature. There are seven different blade heights to choose from on this Greenworks lawn mower. Not only do you have a ton of options for height, but you can adjust in one simple motion with the single lever height adjustment system.


The blades are spun by a 2.0Ah Briggs and Stratton motor, powered by an 82V battery, providing clean cuts and long runtimes.  There are two batteries included, each battery providing up to 45 minutes of running.

The product itself is compatible with 4Ah batteries for users who want to extend their runtime.  This mower has a durable 21-inch steel deck and is foldable for easy storage.

A lawn mower has never been easier to use with its push-of-a-button ignition, adjustable height, and load-sensing technology adjusting battery output in real-time.  Your clippings can be disposed of as mulch, retrieved from a bag, or side discharged.


Let us talk a bit about the warranty. Greenworks offers a stunning 4 year warranty on their lawn mowers that they declare as “double the industry standard. This warranty is only 90 days if used for commercial use. So how can you complain right?

Greenworks is responsible and through their warranty will repair, replace or refund products that are determined to be damaged or defective, during shipping.

Final Verdict

The features this lawn mower has are top of the line. For the price and quality, there are no real alternatives that can be compared. Greenworks offers many other battery powered outdoor tools so this could be the reason why they have put together such an outstanding lawn mower. 5 star ratings should not  be given out easily, however this lawn mower is very deserving of the praise. We at highly recommend this lawn mower as it exceeds all of our expectations! You can purchase this lawn mower with confidence and peace of mind!

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